Comparing Testing Tools: Cypress -vs- Selenium

Learn why Cypress is one of the most popular JavaScript testing tools available on the market.

April 28th | 10:00 AM MDT


When it comes to test automation, there are many tools to consider. Among the most popular are Cypress and Selenium, but which tool is best suited for YOUR testing needs?

ng-conf is excited to host a free webinar with testing experts Marie Drake and Giridhar Rajkumar who will share their real-time experiences with using both tools. We’ll explore the differences between Cypress and Selenium—including how the setup differs between these tools, a side-by-side view of writing tests with each tool, how both tools implement the element waiting mechanism, and other pros & cons. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to determine which tool is the best fit for your testing requirements.

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How to set up Cypress & Selenium

The major differences between each tool

How to write tests with each tool


Marie Drake is a Principal Test Automation Engineer at News UK where she is responsible for setting up the overall QA strategy and ensuring that teams deliver a high quality product to our end users. Part of her role is to also educate everyone about Software Testing and Test Automation so the responsibility of testing is shared across the team. Previously, she has worked as a Test Automation Consultant having worked with different clients from different industries to help them speed up their testing cycles. Marie is also a tech blogger at and most recently, a Cypress ambassador.

Marie Drake
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Giridhar Rajkumar
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Giridhar Rajkumar has 10+ years of experience in the IT industry. He’s worked with multiple customers in the UK, EU, India and Latin America for successful transformations in Test Automation & DevOps. He is an author, speaker, founder and a Ambassador.

He is passionate about exploring new technologies and is an expert in Agile and DevOps. He is a successful trainer and trained over 5000+ professionals in Test Automation to get well-versed with the concepts and help them in implementing in real-time. Besides his Testing Profession, he spends his time in Web and Android development. He has innovated several IP tools that revolutionise the way testing works within organisations