Accelerate App Delivery with Low-Code & Figma

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 | 11:00 AM MDT


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Accelerate App Delivery with Low-Code & Figma

As your backlog grows, the pressure to produce more apps in less time can become overwhelming. Introducing modern design-to-code tools like Figma into your Angular development process can be a game changer for your team. In this demo, see how tools like Figma & App Builder enable blazing fast product delivery with production ready code and a beautiful a user experience!

Attend this webinar and you will learn how to:

Improve the Angular development process using modern design-to-code tools like Figma & App Builder.

Increase the spread of product delivery while maintaining beautiful user experience.

Boost productivity for overwhelmed app development teams grappling with a mounting backlog of projects.

Your Instructors

Jason Beres - SVP of Developer Tools

As the Sr. VP of Developer Tools at Infragistics, Jason Beres and his team spearhead the customer-driven, innovative features and functionality throughout all Infragistics' testing, developer and user experience products. Jason works directly with Infragistics customers around the globe to ensure that their needs are met through our products and roadmaps. Jason is a national and international conference speaker and keeps very active in the developer and UX community.

Twitter Handle: @jasonberes

George Abraham, - Senior Product Manager

George Abraham heads design strategy for solutions that bridge design and development. As a Senior Product Manager at Infragistics Inc., he is focused on crafting products from zero to 1 and beyond. George is also a Drexel University alum with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Outside of work, he binges on mystery thrillers and looks forward to cross-country road trips.

Twitter Handle: @jabbersga