Protractor is Going Away: Now What?


Sept 14th | 11:00 AM MDT


It's official: As of Angular 15, development of Protractor will end. What does this mean? And what should you do about it?

In this webinar, we look at the past, present and future of Protractor and end-to-end test automation for Angular projects. In the past, Protractor wasn't just a good tool for test automation of Angular apps, but one of the best tools in JavaScript for browser automation overall. At present, the world of Angular has changed and so has tool choice. Protractor hasn't kept up with the changing world and so has some deficiencies that make it less than ideal to use. In the future, Protractor will be end-of-lifed, but there are ways to transition your tests to a modern tool like 

Josh Grant, Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will discuss the evolution of Protractor and how to transition your tests to prepare for Angular 15.

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Why Protractor was so effective for automating end-to-end scenarios in early versions of Angular

How to use tools such as WebdriverIO to migrate Protractor tests or create new tests

What the future of the Protractor project will look like


Josh Grant
Solutions Architect | Sauce Labs

Josh Grant is a test automation specialist with nearly a decade of work experience in test automation. He has worked with desktop UI automation, unit testing, integration testing, and Selenium-based testing with several languages and tools.

Currently, he's a Solutions Architect for Sauce Labs, helping customers solve their pressing test automation problems and helping teams succeed with test automation. Josh lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.